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Extreme Heat Thermal Solutions

Extreme Heat provides over 27+ years of combined pest control experience. We are the leader in heat treatments for bed bug control. We offer K-9 detections along with free in-house staff training to educate personnel in the early detection of bed bug infestations. We are experienced in bed bug elimination for hotels, apartments, single family homes, homeless shelters, nursing homes, college dormitories, hospitals, schools, office buildings department stores and camps.

Extreme heat can handle All of you heat treatment needs no matter how big or small.

We Service

Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey & Pennsylvania


Extreme Heat uses large commercial heaters to heat the entire room, home, or building and its contents. The temperatures are monitored by trained personnel using high quality probing technology throughout the process. It takes 113° Fahrenheit to kill a bed bug. Our system raises the temperature in the room to 120° - 150° Fahrenheit to penetrate the areas where bed bugs hide.

Our Technicians are on site from start to finish and the process will take between 6 and 10 hours to perform depending on the size of the job and contents in the treatment area.

Why We Do It

The use of heat in pest control is not a new concept. Heat has been used since the early 1900's.

There are many benefits to using heat to eliminate bed bugs:

  • No toxic chemicals
  • No re-treatments needed
  • Less preparation time needed
  • At the end of the day you are bed bug free.

Heat is a once and done treatment unlike conventional pesticide treatments which require three separate applications of chemicals over a thirty day period due to the inability of the pesticide to penetrate the egg casing. Heat treatments will get your room back in service in 1 day!

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