How Does Our Elimination Process Work?

Our process works because we take the time to ensure the infested structure is heated to temperatures proven to be lethal to adult, juvenile, and larva stage bed bugs. Technicians place and control the environment with industrial grade heating equipment over a designated amount of time to ensure the heat is controlled and absorbed to appropriate temperatures. Structural temperatures are monitored with thermal probes placed in strategic locations to ensure temperatures reach a minimum of 120° Fahrenheit. The process does not require any major preparation; in fact, we request most personal belongings be left behind for treatment. Work is typically completed within 12 hours, leaving the structure pest free and safe for residents. We also specialize in multi-family units such as hotels, apartment complexes, and nursing homes. We are equipped to handle large capacity jobs and eradicate any infestation quickly and effectively which helps to reduce lost revenue. There is no need for any repeat treatments that would occur with a chemical-based solution and there is no need to discard furniture.