Extreme Heat is Certified in Urban pest management through Perdue University. Extreme Heat offers over 27+ years of combined pest control experience, specializing in heat treatments for Bed Bug elimination in all types of environments.

Our Process

A complete on-site inspection of your facility will be performed to give you the most effective treatment. A full report and treatment plan will be provided along with an itemized proposal of all equipment needed.

Extreme Heat works with each customer to determine the best plan for treatment to have the least disruption to your business.

Whether you own a multi-unit or guest facility, multiple rooms can be treated discretely and be back in service by check-in time. No lost revenue.

What We Do

Extreme Heat uses large commercial heaters to heat the entire room, home, or building and its contents. The temperatures are monitored by trained personnel using high quality probing technology throughout the process. It takes 113° Fahrenheit to kill a bed bug. Our system raises the temperature in the room to 120° - 150° Fahrenheit to penetrate the areas where bed bugs hide.

Our Technicians are on site from start to finish and the process will take between 6 and 10 hours to perform depending on the size of the job and contents in the treatment area.