Sanitizing & Disinfection (Covid-19)


COVID-19 Response

Keeping you safe at home. 

Keeping your employees & customers safe at work.

Disinfection Services to Fight

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Extreme Heat Pest Control is proud to be your trusted partner to help keep your home & workplaces clean from airborne illnesses such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Using chemicals approved by the EPA for use in fighting the disease, Extreme Heat wants to help you keep your family, friends, employees and customers safe. Our disinfecting services include: 

brulin-victory-backpack-sprayerFOG Atomist


Our disinfection services generally include all counter surfaces, inclduing both porous & non-porous surfaces, and food preparations surfaces. Our team will also disinfect used equipment, tools, and/or supplies.

For your home, the CDC encourages frequent cleaning of high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables.




CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include frequent disinfection in businesses such as:

ViaClean Victory Backpack Sprayer Info Sheet-page-001 3 - Manufacturing

 - Schools/Classrooms

 - Offices

 - Retail Spaces

 - Hospitals & Nursing facilities

 - Real Estate / Homes for Sale

 - Daycare 

 - Gyms & fitness centers

 - Airlines & Public Transportation



What You Can Do:

All surfaces will need to be cleaned prior to applying disinfectant. Cleaning Services are accomplished by physically wiping surfaces to clean and remove visible soils. If cleaning is needed, there will be an additional cost. Simply add that to your request.

Disinfecting Services kill viruses on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using EPA registered chemicals to wet surfaces and allowing contact/dwell time to kill the virus in compliance with CDC guidelines. Our chemicals require no cleaning after application, EXCEPT food preparation areas, which will need an additional cleaning after the disinfectant is applied. 



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